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Find Your Career, Off Script

Let’s be real, you know you were never meant to just follow the crowd.

But here you are, showing up at a job everyday just for the paycheque, coming home drained and confused about what your next step should be. And afraid that if you do make a change, it will not be the right one.

Ugh. It sucks, doesn’t it?

I remember job hopping for years, trying to find that right fit. I really believed it was possible to find work you loved and feel as though what you did actually meant something. But with every change that didn’t pan out I felt less and less motivated. I finally decided it was time for me to get clear on my shit so I could start living the life I really wanted.

Isn’t it time you had the same?

  • You should not be filled with so many doubts about whether you are on the right path
  • Or feel stuck in a job that makes you unhappy
  • Work should not be unfulfilling and leave you burnt out
  • And you should not have to continually ask yourself if this is all there is.

Because you know what that leads to? You waking up one day stuck in a life you didn’t even want.  And you’ve done such a good job building it up that now there is no way for you to turn around.

Sorry but it needs to be said.

The GOOD news though is that if this is hitting you, you’re ready to do the work to turn this around!

You Won’t Be Alone

Together we’ll:

  • Get rid of those friggin fears you have about making these changes. They’ve been holding you back for far too long and they’re stopping you from moving forward.
  • Figure out what you’re most basic guiding principles are. They’re called values.  Cause you’ve been going through the motions for so long, do you even know who you are?
  • Identify what meaningful work is to you. Everyone wants to make an ‘impact’. It’s time to get real on what that is.
  • Zero in on the stuff you like doing, and the shit you can do without. This is where the details live.
  • Create the lifestyle you want for yourself. There’s a world of possibilities beyond 9-5 and we’re gonna look at what’s best for you.
  • Link it all together to point you towards the RIGHT career path and give you CLEAR + ACTIONABLE next steps.

And if you’re ready to do the work, then you’re ready for the no BS formula I’ve put together to walk you through it. This is where it starts. This is where you get to choose to have work you love, to wake up everyday with the clarity of where you’re going, and the confidence of a career you were meant for.

Allison standing

What’s Included


    • Six one-on-one coaching calls so we can dive deep into each section and make sure we leave you super clear.


    • Pre-call worksheets so you can line up your thoughts before each session and we can both come prepared to do the work.


    • Tailor-made action plan so you KNOW where you are heading and the next steps you need to take to get you there.


    • Unlimited email support throughout. Cause this shit is hard, and I want to make sure you stay on track throughout.

Investment: $499 USD

Ready to get going? Book a free consult with me so I can answer any questions you still have.


What if I’m not passionate about anything?

OK, i’m gonna keep this short. You’ve been sold a lie. You first need to figure out what you need + want to actually be happy with your work. Then after being persistent enough to invest the time and energy into the work tcareehat makes you happy, you start to master it. And then passion BUILDS out of that.

My workload is really high right now. How much of a time commitment are we talking about?

The program is designed to run with one call (approximately 60 minutes) every week for six weeks. The pre-work should take no more than 1-2 hours every week. I totally get it life is busy! That’s why I’ve narrowed in on the most important elements and broken it down into sizeable pieces to get you moving!

I really want to do this but I have a trip coming up. What if I can’t do the call one week?

That’s totally fine. It’s always most effective to complete the program in 6 continuous weeks but there are always exceptions, and we can adjust as we need to.

I was lucky to be able to work with Allison during a time of major personal change and career flux. I found her very intuitive and caring, yet at the same time pragmatic and straightforward - likely bolstered by her years as a recruiter delivering lots of feedback! Working through her program required me to reflect a lot on my previous experiences, values, and goals. This wasn't always easy, but it WAS necessary - and I'm so glad that I had a supportive environment where I could think these things through.

– Jessica S.