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You want to be happy and fulfilled by your career.

You want your work to mean something and not just be about a paycheque.


You feel lost, are not sure what you should do with your life or even what your next step should be.


And at the end of the day, you just want to live the life you want.

Allison with coffee

Hey, I’m Allison Colin-Thome. And trust me, I’ve been there.

I spent years bouncing from one job to the next, trying to find work that I loved while also trying to live by the rules of the ‘real world’. But I just couldn’t, it wasn’t me. So I finally decided I had to figure my shit out, and got clear on some pretty key things I needed in my life and career in order to be happy.

But how did I get there?

After school I moved abroad for a couple years where my longest job was as a receptionist in a slick downtown company. Now if you’ve ever been a receptionist, you know they’re the eyes of the company. From where I sat I could tell all the suits actually enjoyed their work. The secretaries though? It was just about the paycheque. Monday mornings they were miserable, Wednesdays you could literally see them start to perk up, and on Fridays they were freakin ecstatic!


God, how depressing. I never wanted to be wishing the week away like that.

I came home and went back to school for HR. I told myself that it was the best of both worlds – a ‘safe’ career that would still let me help people. But it just never felt quite right. And I spent years job hopping, trying to believe that the next move would be the right one.


I was feeling so burnt out from years of this and was now starting to lose hope of finding work I loved, work that actually meant something.


And that’s when I slammed the brakes. I spent some time getting clear on what was important to me in my life, and what I needed in a career to be happy. I also had to finally admit to myself that just because it’s right for everyone else, doesn’t mean it’s right for me.


I now draw on what I learnt from this experience, nearly a decade worth of professional experience in HR, and coach training from CTI (the largest coach training institute in the world), to help other women just like you get the same clarity so they can find work they love!

What other stuff might you want to know about me?

  • My feet tend to get itchy – apart from living in England and Colombia, I’ve walked on glaciers in Argentina, rode tuk-tuks in Sri Lanka, got drunk from Absinthe in the basement of Harrods, and watched a cougar sunbathe while on safari in South Africa.
  • I grew up watching Law and Order and wanting to be a lawyer. I went as far as an undergraduate in Criminology.
  • While living in London, I participated in a marathon-length walk for charity… and had on my resume for years after ‘Completed a London Marathon.’ We all fib on our resume, right??
  • The high school gym t-shirt my two older sisters and I wore to PE is probably my most prized possession.
  • I never met an old-fashioned I didn’t like – some are definitely better than others though.

Are you ready?

Ready to dive into you now, find work you love and start living life on your own terms? It won’t be easy, but I promise I’ll be there for you throughout, and in the end it’s really gotta start with you slamming your own brakes.


Click here to find out what our work together will look like.

Allison is a great listener and is not afraid to call me out on my shit. I appreciated her candid honesty and clear reflection of what she heard me say.

– Heather M