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What if you could do work you love, instead of work they expect?

What if you could do work you love, instead of work they expect?

What if you could do work you love, instead of work they expect?

Imagine that for a sec.

  • You were lit up every day with what you were doing. Your job had purpose and you believed in it.
  • You didn’t feel drained or confused about where you were going, you felt super confident.
  • And you were living a life that fulfilled you, on your own terms.


Well guess what, you can. You have a choice. And from someone who’s been where you are now, I want to show you how to get there.

Allison coaching a client

And I’m not gonna tell you to follow your passion (don’t even get me started on that). Because before you even have ‘passion’, you need to figure out who you are. I’m talking about getting clear on the stuff you NEED and WANT in your career so you can be happy. Everyone’s different, and what works for other people is not working for you. And that’s ok. Actually it’s pretty cool.


But this has to start with you. So what choice are you going to make?


Remember when I said I’ve been there? Head over to the About Me page to see what I mean.

Working with Allison could not have come at a better time for me. I was contemplating my future knowing I had to change jobs but was paralyzed by the thought of it. The program allowed me to step out of my cycle of negative thinking and create an environment where I was able to represent myself much more positively. I feel more positive about the future now, than I have for a long time!

-Jennifer P.